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Jerizalem gets a water hole! And the big one is getting bigger...

26 January 2023

Pictures of tractors and dump trucks excavating in a hole are not that interesting to everyone...but this is the result: WATER. This woman is collecting water for her household use. Without these holes, thousands of people around us would be in desperate circumstances for one of the most basic necessities.

Photo credit: Billy Geffrard


The Jerizalem neighborhood has a water hole!

We were once again able to partner with the manager of the large loader. It has been working in our community for about a week and a half. One of its jobs was to dig the water hole for the Jerizalem community (the neighborhood that won the competition in the Chapel). Now we just need some rain! 🙏

If time and circumstances allow, we hope one day to be able to encourage and assist the inhabitants of this neighborhood to fence in small gardens and set up an irrigation system.

The Big One

With funds remaining from your generous gifts to the Community Christmas project, the big loader has also been working in the BIG water hole. In case you can't tell from the video, it is getting deeper and larger!

Despite some mechanical issues with our dumptruck, the guys are working hard to get as far as they can in this hole while we have the chance and the resources. We have to make the most of any opportunity to use the big loader, as it is not always available.

We want to be ready for lots of water the next time it comes down from the mountains.

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