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Life Change Story 2: I learned it in Chapel

On Sunday mornings this year, we have been following a series of studies in the Chapel on how the Truths in the Gospel should naturally affect our worldview and daily life.

Recently, we focused on the Truth that every person has value as someone created by God in His image and loved by Him. The lesson challenged us about specific categories of people who are marginalized in our society in Haiti (the physically handicapped, the mentally ill, drunkards, the very poor, etc).

A couple weeks ago, one of the young guys from our community shared in a discussion group how he had been on his way to work at Lemuel when he came upon a drunk man lying by the road. He saw him, considered, and ended up stopping, even though he knew it would probably make him late for work.

He asked the man how he could help him, eventually buying him some juice and giving him a ride to a place where he could get some food.

“Before, I never, ever would have stopped,” he said, “But then, I remembered what I had heard in the studies in Chapel. That’s what made me decide to stop.”

“And were you late?” I asked, “What did your supervisor say?”

“Yeah, I was late,” he grinned. “He was stern at first, but after I explained what happened, it was all good.”


This small story is a HUGE burst of joy for us!

And there is more life change that we are REALLY excited about:

This year, we incorporated a group of our young leaders into the process of preparing and sharing the studies in the chapel. They meet together regularly with Judy to interact with the material beforehand, and they are responsible for leading small group discussions on one Sunday each month.

Billy (speaking behind the pillar), Mezou, and Josiane lead the discussions with the youth.
Djephson and Marquise have the kids.

(Almaïs and Williamso have the adults, but I don't have a picture.)

Seeing some of these young men and women begin to take their personal interaction with Scripture to a whole new level has been so cool!

They have begun to stop depending as much on someone else to do all the teaching and explaining. They are beginning to take initiative and responsibility in engaging with each lesson, bringing their own Scriptural insights to the table. Not only are they learning and growing spiritually, but they are also learning and growing in their capacity to teach and share with others. That definitely merits a happy dance!


An added bonus! Below you can watch a video from our "Employee Sunday" in February. In the video, we are singing our theme song in the Chapel for this year. (It is sung in rounds.)

In English, the words are:

Love the Lord your God

With all your heart

And all your soul

and all your mind,

And love all of mankind

As you would love yourself.

Love the Lord your God

With all your heart (tic tic tic BOOM!)

With all your soul, and mind, and love all mankind

We've got Christian lives to live.

We've got Jesus' love to give.

We've got nothing to hide,

Because in Him we all abide.

(Believe it or not, we first learned this song way back in 2014 from the team from Millar College of the Bible (from Saskatchewan, Canada)!!)

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