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Life Change Story 3: Diffusing at a Community Level

As you probably know, we recently began a business initiative known as MACOL designed to glorify God through business on the Plateau. (If you have not already, please read this post here and the second half of this post here for more details.)

Here is what we truly desire for MACOL: We are aiming not only to have a successfully functioning business able to support its own activities and make a profit, but to also have a business that embodys the love of Jesus by promoting the economic stability of families in our community, investsing in the development of the community, supporting the most vulnerable (widows and vulnerable kids), and glorifying God in the WAY it does business.

MACOL selling product in one of the local markets.

MACOL only really began functioning in December, but we have been encouraged to see how it is fulfilling these objectives so far.

The following is a reflection from Manis’ perspective upon observing the impact MACOL is having in our community:

While it has been extremely difficult to start a business during this time in Haiti, I can say without reservation that every difficulty and every obstacle has been worth it. A few days ago, I was at the DDL campus watching men and women come to purchase from MACOL and was moved almost to tears.
One woman who was purchasing that day had been on a bus heading to Gonaives from Anse-Rouge a few months ago when it was stopped by armed bandits. They robbed everyone on the bus and when she had tried to hide her money, they shot their pistol off next to her ear to frighten her into giving everything she had on her. She did not hear well for days afterward. This woman is now able to purchase the same items she had gone to the city to buy at the same prices in her own community. She no longer has to risk her life and well-being just to provide for her family.
Another woman, the mother of one of our students from Anse-Rouge, raised her arms in praise to God when she arrived at MACOL. She had run out of propane gas several days before and had been unable to make food for her family. When she saw that MACOL sells propane tanks she thanked God for providing for her! This is what Lemuel exists for! Our vision is to see people who were once enmired in poverty, able to produce positive change for themselves, their families, and their country to the glory of God. We seek to accomplish this by embodying the love of Jesus Christ in combatting poverty through holistic development. I have always believed that business can be a part of combatting poverty, embodying Christ’s love, and giving God glory. That day, God allowed me to see that it truly is possible and that He IS receiving the glory. I am so happy!

This is a picture of life change diffusing at a community level. As MACOL permeates the local business sector with the influence of Christ, it creates a ripple effect that germinates God-glorifying life change in individuals.

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