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Life Change Story 4: Sowing Seeds

“I grew up in Martissant (a very bad area of Port-au-Prince). I was always being offered a gun and recruited to join the gangs. But that’s not the kind of life I wanted; I chose to follow the Christian path instead. The first morning I was here to work on the block machine, I saw your staff gathering together for devotions. I immediately cried out in my heart, ‘Thank you, Lord! You’ve brought me to a place with a Christian family!’”

MACOL staff meeting for morning devotions.

These are the words of a young man who was part of a group of temporary workers from Port-au-Prince. They came for a week to run the block machine to manufacture blocks for MACOL to sell. (We had to bring in an outside group for a number of reasons.)

We don't know the rest of the story for this young man. But, this is a snapshot of the small-but-significant impact we can have in the lives of others simply by living out of the Gospel in whatever we do----small-but-significant impact like the mustard seed. The MACOL staff did not gather for devotions to impress the block crew. They simply did it as an expression of their thankfulness to God for His provision of MACOL. Yet, they encouraged this man in what God is already doing in his life.

Several of our MACOL/DDL staff are not believers. These devotions are also seeds sown in their lives. Who can tell what will grow from them?

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