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New Hole, New Water!

Before After (English follows): Nou kapab chanje sityasyon zòn lan! Foto sa yo montre kote nou ap fouye yon lòt maka avèk yon nouvo teknik. Dènye foto a se rezilta a. Dlo desann nan ravin lan yè, maka a pran l, e li kenbe li! Dlo sa rete pou moun nan kominote ka genyen pou yo sèvi nan moman sechrès sa yo.

We can change the situation of our area! These pictures show the new water hole we have been digging using a slightly different technique. The last photo is the result. Water came down from the mountains yesterday, and the water hole caught it and held it! This water is now there for our community to use in these difficult times of water scarcity.

The new water hole was begun using food and funds donated for the Temporary Work programs!

Manis and Williamso survey the day's work and assess the layout of the hole.

At the bottom of the frame (closest to the camera), the water is over 6 feet deep!

The other two water holes also were filled! This definitely has further cemented our resolution to put all our "Water Solutions" attention into digging these holes!

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