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Not afraid to use a pick-axe!

Kraze tè se yon fyète, tande!/Working the land is something to take pride in! 💪🏿

Six years ago, these two young men were powerhouses behind transforming a plot of barren land into the reforestation project that is now our Development campus. Here they are the other day, developing a parcel of land for a future clinic.


Flashback to 2014:

This is 2014, the year when Samuel started the project known as Samuel's Trees. He gathered a group of young guys around him, and they accomplished something far exceeding anyone's expectations. What these young men achieved using pick-axes, shovels, wheelbarrows, and the sweat of their brows is truly inspiring and has had lasting impact. In these pictures, they are planting trees after a rain. The land eventually became the location for our development department, which is still a center for reforestation today.


PS. Of course, its not just about developing land and restoring the environment, as important as that is to us. Our relationship with these two guys has opened doors for us to speak into their lives as well over the years. Their jobs with Lemuel have had more than just environmental and economic impact, but have influenced their personal growth and maturity as well.

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