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Plateau School

Meet our staff and students for the 2011-2012 school year!

Osselet Lilite School Director


Lidmy Pierre Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-K learning the parts of their bodies in French.


Nehemie Saint-PreuxKindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten class learning and reciting poems.


Andiose Saint-AngeFirst Grade Teacher

First Grade Class

The first grade class doing role play to practice their French phrases.


Jinel Fertilien2nd Grade Teacher

Second Grade Class

Second grade listening intently to their teacher.


Thony Amady 3rd Grade Teacher

Third Grade Class

The third grade during math class.


Lenique TimaFourth Grade Teacher School Administrator

Fourth Grade Class

The fourth grade class following their lesson.


Guillaume Oltin Fifth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade Class

The fifth grade class copying notes off the board.


Kattia Amazan Receptionist and Secretary

Regilien Emmanuel Gatekeeper

Mme WislyFood, Water, and Hygiene

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