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Progress on the Roof and Other News!

Work on the roof is well under way and the men even began putting up a couple of trusses yesterday. It was a hot day but that didn’t slow them down! They have to make twenty-six trusses for the roof.

Some of the team from Canada were not feeling well a couple days ago so they needed to rest most of that day. If you all could pray for safety and health for them and the rest of the men as they continue working on the roof, we would really appreciate it!

The Wisconsin team brought down a lot of things for the ladies at the women’s center.

We had them close their eyes for the surprise!

The ladies were very excited to get these items so they continue to work on their sewing skills and make dresses, skirts and other clothing items

In other news, there is a family of four coming today for a short stay and Jenna’s family will be arriving tomorrow for their week long visit. So the busy month of February continues!

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