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Quick Trip to Port-au-Prince

On Sunday I left for Port-au-Prince for a few days to take care of some things and also pick up Krischelle Frost who is back for another year or more (more on that next week). Maranatha, the school our students attend, starts at 7am so I left the camera with someone to get some pictures of them on their first day of school!

Billy’s face cracks me up in this one!

Oh how I miss them!

On my way back to the Plateau I stopped in to get a few pictures of the primary school in Port-au-Prince. My camera battery was dying and I had a long trip ahead of me so I just got a few quick shots of some of the younger classes. A lot of students will wait until the second week to go to school (a frustrating tradition based on a mix of superstition, procrastination, and sometimes legitimate problems), so the classes aren’t full yet.

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