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Rain and Water!

I'm sorry it has been a bit since I've posted anything here. I know that after giving you a few glimpses into the darkness I had promised to look at the light shining in it. I haven't forgotten! I will give you a little glimpse today and share more next week.

But first... IT RAINED!!!! We got 3.25" of rain in 4 days! All of the waterholes have water in them and most are full. What a wonderful week this has been!

One of my favorite, and arguably one of the best, sounds in the world.

Full waterholes!

Trees are beginning to push out new leaves, plants have perked up, grass has sprung where there was only dust, and soon everything will be flowering. What a beautiful, wonderful thing rain is!

Much planting has been going on as everyone is scrambling to get as many seeds and trees in the ground as possible! Now we pray that God would provide a harvest from the gardens that will stave off hunger for our community.

And speaking of gardens, I promised you a little glimpse at the light that is shining in the darkness...

Mrs. W, who has worked for Lemuel for over 20 years, stands in one of the gardens on the Lemuel campus. In front of her is a pumpkin-like squash with beans leaning against it. In addition to many more pumpkins and bean plants, she is also surrounded by amaranth and other greens, manioc, papaya, plantain, and castor plants, sweet potatoes, melons, young mango and coconut trees and a special grass for livestock!

This is one small glimpse into the hard work of our staff members who have been turning every available corner of our campuses into a garden! This picture was taken last week - before the rains! The garden is so green and full of produce because it had been watered from the waterholes. One of our young men said to Manis today, "Everyone had given up on gardens. They were discouraged and didn't want to plant one more time. But seeing what you've done, they are motivated again. They are eager to try again." This is how it all comes together. This is how we're helping our community combat hunger: one seed, one waterhole, one picture of hope at a time.

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