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Roofs, Karate, and more

Last week, we received old and new friends from Emmanuel Baptist in Exeter, Ontario.  The church raised funds towards two roofs: one for the kindergarten and one for a local family’s home. The Emmanuel team constructed the roof on the family home….coincidentally, this family’s last name is also Emmanuel!

The team set up their own outdoor truss building plant!

Solid ladders are very important, as Plateau roofing veteran Russ knows very well from experience. (Yes, there’s a story behind that.)

The sun makes both shade and hats important.

Here is a picture of Regilien and his wife and kids (the Emmanuel family).  They have worked very hard to invest in the construction of their cement block home and are thrilled to have a roof over it.

Regilien took some time to thank the Emmanuel team for their hard efforts.

Meanwhile, the ladies were getting involved in all sorts of ways: working with the seventh graders on computer and English skills, as well as doing some painting, building relationships with ladies on our staff…and karate!

The fourth-seventh graders had a blast learning karate and self-defense moves from Marie!

The church also assisted two families in building a water cistern at their home.

Thank you, Emmanuel Baptist!

Coming up next…

While Emmanuel worked on the Emmanuel’s roof, Samuel and a few others worked on the kindergarten roof! More on that next time.

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