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Day by Day: Mon, Feb 4

Ann sèvi fòs pa nou ak resous pa nou pou chanje kominote pa nou!

Let’s use the strength and resources we have to change our community!

Men continue to work in the large water hole, enlarging it by hand. When the rain falls in the mountains, it is diverted into the hole, which can hold water for many weeks for everyone’s use.

Things don’t change simply because you wish they would. Often, you have to take initiative with the resources available to you. And sometimes, you find people to give you the helping hand you need to lift you up to where you could not reach by yourself.

On the Plateau, we live always on the cusp of water crisis. It is usually dry. And often, it is critically, dangerously dry.

As we confront an environmental crisis, which is exacerbating the economic crisis, what resources do we have?

  1. the use of our physical strength

  2. determination

  3. pickaxes, shovels, and dump trucks

  4. ravines that bring water when it rains in the mountains

  5. a growing water hole that we’ve been digging over the years

What is the hand-up that we need? A donor to provide funds to pay the men working in the project.

Thank you, Extreme Response Canada! For 3 weeks, we were able to provide work to about 60 families. Not only did they make an income, but they were empowered to develop their own community and invest in the future. When the water comes, we’ll be ready!

Cash-for-Work is an ongoing project need. It is the immediate, urgent response to the water crisis, while we are working on the long-term solutions. Your donation empowers families to survive the crisis with dignity while they at the same time investing in their future. If you would like to donate to Cash-for-Work projects (also called Temporary Work Programs), please visit our donate page for further instructions. Designate your gift, “Lemuel: Cash-for-Work.”

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