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School News: Wrapping Up One Crazy Year

After a whirlwind year full of upheaval and school closures, the 2019-2020 school year is finally wrapping up this month! 🥴

Seventh graders strike a serious pose.
First graders catch the bus home.

As we detailed in an earlier post, it has not been easy (at all), but we are SO PROUD of our school staff. Through determination, diligence, sacrifice, and hard work, they have been able to surmount demotivation and preserve a level of focus and continuity that has helped the students through a very disruptive year. They are currenlty in the process of preparing final exams, even as they plan and prepare for the next school year scheduled to open in November!

Kindergarten Corner

Kindergarten has not yet opened officially, but in order to not lose the entire year, the Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten 3 classes are working in small groups throughout part of the week. During the rest of the week, the kindergarten teachers work on plans and curriculum for next year.


Did you know?

Judy--together with help from the school administration, the kindergarten teachers, and Obed--has been writing an entire curriculum for all three years of Kindergarten, complete with books, songs, and everything! It is pretty incredible, and I hope to be able to share some of the results with you one day!


Flashback through a Crazy Year

August 2019: Teacher Training with Taylor and Danielle

Kindergarten classes do activities outside during the beginning of the year.

Oct/Nov 2019: First round of closures, due to political instability in Haiti...

Obed does teacher training.

Almaïs and Billy work with the kindergarten teachers on new curriculum preparation.

The school staff joins hands with DDL for community service: working on the roads.

December 2019: Schools in Haiti cautiously start back up again.

January 2020: School is finally back in full, confident swing, and the Cafeteria ladies return to work.

February 2020: The school receives donation of laptops for 3rd cycle (7-9th grades) computer classes! Below is the 8th grade computer class.

Seventh Grade Bible Class

March 2020: School Recreational day...right before the government announced closure of all schools (again) due to COVID-19.

Chapel on the last day of school before COVID closures. The school staff puts on a skit about COVID and hygiene.

July 2020: Remotivating and reacclimating after three months of closure due to COVID-19:

Obed is back to help the school administration plan and prepare.

Teachers hold study groups with kids (both on the Plateau and in Anse-Rouge) to bring them back up to speed in their lessons and get them re-focused for the opening of classes in August.

Students are glad to finally be back to school!

Aug 2020: Back to classes and (eep!) exams.

First grade, Sept 2019: first week of school...

...First grade, August 2020: Back after COVID!

School Director Almaïs takes the 7-9th graders on a field trip to observe a very important project on the Development campus.

TODAY: 7 Sept 2020: The third graders take a field trip to the Development should have heard them laughing on the way! They were enjoying themselves.


We are in need of more Grade Sponsors for the 2020-2021school year!

You can help us continue providing quality education for these kids.

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