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Speak Up: Recaps, Previews, and How You Can Pray

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

22 July 2022

It is hard to believe how swiftly July has flown by! Below you will find a short update from the various branches of Lemuel's ministry, along with ways you can be praising and praying for each over these next few weeks.

Planting trees at one of Lemuel's agricultural plots.


The School

The school had an African theme for their year-end party. Here, Director Almaïs and Kindergarten III teacher Nadège pose with two of her graduating students.

“I was telling the staff how much we have to thank God for, despite it being a difficult year.”

School director Almaïs shared a bit about his final staff meeting for the year, which took place at the end of June: “Yes, things were challenging. But for the most part, things went smoothly, and we were able to finish a good year. We were even able to take the kids on the field trip to Mole St-Nicolas, which is a significant event. We were able to sustain the food program. We didn’t have to close in the middle of the year for any reason. What’s more, I think this has been one of the most unified, motivated staffs that I have worked with so far.”

We praise God for His gracious goodness this school year!


Pray for the School

  • For wisdom and unity for Almaïs and his staff as they prepare for a new school year to start in September

  • For the spiritual growth and development of our teachers, as it is they who invest most directly in the kids

  • For God’s continued provision for the school through the Grade Sponsorship program. You can also pray for special provision for the school food program, as costs are rising dramatically.


The Development Department

Community Development

In our last e-mail, we mentioned our continued focus on water and agricultural/reforestation efforts. We have already dug two new connected water holes this year and have experimented with irrigation out of the water holes.

We asked for your help investing in a new water hole—our largest yet.

We were truly blessed by your response, which overflowed in thanksgiving to God! We recieved enough funds not only to cover the second week, but to reimburse the General Fund for the first week! Glory to God!

Now you can pray...


Pray for Community Development

  • Please pray that we can get diesel fuel. As you will see mentioned below, God has provided for us through many an extended fuel crisis. However it is getting more and more difficult, and our staff at MACOL are currently unable to find fuel at all. Our diesel stock is extremely low. This affects many things, including any further work in the water holes and the running of water trucks and other transport trucks.

  • Praise the Lord for Djephson and all the ways in which he is growing and developing as a young leader who is heavily involved in overseeing the water hole projects. Please pray for his continued growth and development, both in his faith and in his leadership capabilities.


Despite intimidating challenges in the economy and supply chain, MACOL has continued to function and serve the people of our community through business. (Did you read the story in our previous e-mail?)

They have continued to make goods available locally and at lower prices. By God’s grace and provision and a whole lot of effort, they have been able to keep Lemuel and the community supplied with fuel through multiple fuel crises. MACOL’s profits are able to cover the payroll and the bulk of functioning for our development department. This has freed up some additional funds during the year that we have been able to invest in projects—such as water holes—that benefit the entire community. What’s more, with its profits MACOL has also been able to assist a few vulnerable families in the community with specific home construction projects.

We praise God for His gracious goodness to and through MACOL!


Pray for MACOL

Please pray for wisdom and unity for Kerby (MACOL administrator) and his staff as they confront an increasingly difficult economy and context. Food prices continue to rise at alarming rates, which makes that aspect of the business extremely fragile. Fuel requires an enormous amount of time and energy to find. For the moment, we cannot find any at all. Insecurity in the country makes transport of goods more and more difficult and dangerous. Everywhere one turns, there is instability and risk. This is added to the usual challenges of running a business in this context. It is exhausting! Please pray God’s guidance, provision, and protection for our staff as they navigate these realities to continue serving our community.



We finished the last year of Bible studies in the Chapel by having our leaders share what they learned personally as they worked through each study in preparation for presenting the lesson for the rest of us on Sunday mornings. (Again, see our previous e-mail for a story about this.) We praise God for what he taught each of them!

Over the summer, we will be looking at truths from God’s Word that can help us live in the extreme uncertainty and anticipated hardship of the coming days. Using questions, Bible “Sword Drills”, songs, and other various point-accruing activities, we are also holding a fun, friendly competition between Boys and Girls to encourage our local believers, as well as motivate engagement and participation. It’s kind of like a version of Vacation Bible School, only for all ages!


Pray for Chapel

  • Praise God for His work in the hearts and lives of our leaders!

  • Please pray that the seeds sown over this past year will bring genuine spiritual fruit in the lives of those who attended our Chapel services.

  • Please pray for the program over the summer, that again seeds would be sown for spiritual progress.


More news and prayer requests...

The items loaded on the container in Lancaster have arrived on the Plateau!

My heart was bursting with joy as I watched the loaded trucks head for home, saw that no one was hurt, and saw our guys wait to help the driver get the container on the road again. But the real joy was seeing the fruit of years of investment in these young men coming to fruition... ~Ginger Muchmore


Summer Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Manis and our leadership staff as a whole. We often hope for a bit of reprieve during the summer months, but that is very difficult to get due to contextual factors. The intense heat is exhausting in and of itself. Please pray for refreshment of body and spirit as a new work year approaches. Please pray for wisdom—especially for Manis and our directors as they plan and set direction for a new work year in an uncertain and excruciatingly difficult context.

  • Please pray for rain. It brings so much relief to so many areas of life here. What we really need is several good, long, hard (but not too hard) rains. As we pray for this, we thank God too that He has put us in a position where we cannot forget our dependance on Him. We trust that He hears and sees us and has a reason for His timing.

  • Please pray for the efforts to invest in local kids/youth over the summer. Some of these developed somewhat spontaneously as different groups of boys showed up both at Williamso’s land and at Manis’ gate looking for something to do. Both Williamso and Manis were able to create activities to receive the boys, allow them to participate in various jobs, and also give them a chance to invest in the boys’ personal development at the same time. Fleurima (a member of our school staff) is organizing a soccer activity to reach out to young boys as well. Krischelle and Modelene are each working with a small group of young ladies. Please pray that God would work through these various activities—as well as efforts in individual discipleship as the opportunities arise—to impact the lives of these kids for His Kingdom and glory.


Investment opportunities...


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