Speak Up: Eternal Mindset - Investing in People

9 Nov 2021

One of our local kids entertains his little cousin beside an outdoor shower. He is one of her favorite people!

This e-mail wraps up the series of updates we began sending out at the end of September. Here is a quick re-cap:

Sept 24: Gird up your courage!: An update on the daily realities we face.

Sept 28: School is in session: An update from the school.

Oct 6: Making our community a place where people want to LIVE: An update about community development.

Oct 12: A brief word from Manis...

This update: Investing in People

Investing in People

Our Youth and Kids

As we had shared with you this past summer, our hearts were heavily burdened for the kids and youth in our area. We also told you about three ways we were reaching out to them specifically during the summer months. These programs have concluded, and here is a quick summary:

The Girls

This program included training in cooking and thorough cleaning. There were also classes in English, French, Spanish and computer skills. Manis and two of our young leaders—Josiane and Mezou—spent focused time sharing insights into various spiritual and social topics. The program also provided a safe space for the girls to hang out and have fun—they spent hours every afternoon in surprisingly rowdy games of Uno!

A program like this keeps them off the street. It gives them a haven to come have fun away from the increasing negative influences that surround them. It trains them in useful skills and invaluable life wisdom. We were encouraged and filled with joy to see the ways in which these girls developed and blossomed during this program.

Pastor Jude's Group

When reports of rising COVID-19 cases caused the Haitian government to close school about a month and a half earlier than planned, many youth and kids suddenly found themselves with nothing to do and lots of unexpected time on their hands.

Jude E., a young pastor from Anse-Rouge, came to talk to Manis. “I’ve been trying to work with a group of youth from different areas who were staying in Anse-Rouge to be closer to school,” he shared. “I am afraid that if they go back home and have nothing to engage them, all my work with them will have been in vain, and they will fall back into destructive behaviors. Is there any way you could help me set up a program for the summer that would keep them occupied in a positive way and give me a chance to continue investing into them?”

Thanks to help from a donor, Lemuel was able to facilitate and support Pastor Jude in a 4-week summer program for 17 young men and women from the Anse-Rouge area. Pastor Jude’s program included summer jobs, in which the young people participated in work in the community such as cleaning up trash, clearing out underbrush, and planting trees. Pastor Jude also spent time with them speaking into their lives.

Sunday Afternoon Boys and Girls Club

The kid's club on Sunday afternoon was a highlight of the week for everyone. It was a fun and relaxed time of gathering the kids from our community together for godly instruction and for games. The photos and video below will give you a good summary...

Manis listening to and correcting the boys who confessed they had been naughty during the week. 😀

Playing games!

Learning "I've Got a River of Life Flowing Out of Me."