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Speak Up: Stories from a Water Hole: partnership, sacrifice, testimony...

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the opportunity that we had to dig out a new water hole with a large backhoe loader. Many of you responded to our plea for help in continuing the project for a second week.

Today we just want to say THANK YOU!

Because of you, we were able not only to cover the expense of the second week, but to reimburse our general fund for the cost of the first week, AND to continue working in our water holes for another two weeks with our little skid steer and a dump truck.

Not only that, but we were able to provide temporary work to 10 local women and 18 local men, who found jobs cleaning up the environment around the water hole (clearning out thorns and underbrush, etc). This is especially a relief to these families as the new school year approaches with all the accompanying expenses.

(By the way, in our last e-mail we asked you to pray for diesel. Our stock was almost done, and we couldn't find any anywhere. The next day, we were contacted with an opportunity to purchase some. Praise the Lord!)

Scroll down to check out the video below!


Does it encourage you to know that through your prayers and giving you are coming together with others who are working hard and sacrificing on this end too? It really is a "hand up" partnership. Here are a few stories from Djephson, who is currently responsible for overseeing work in the water holes:


"I could make more money elsewhere, but..."

One day when I (Djephson) was sitting in the cab with the operator of the backhoe loader, he received a phone call from someone else who wanted him to come do a job for them. "You know what?" he said to me. "I'm going to stay here and keep working for you guys." "I could make more money on other jobs. In fact, I could make in one day what I'm making in one week here in the water hole. But, I believe in Jesus Christ. And, I believe in what you all are doing here to help this community. I want to contribute to that." It made me realize that we often think people see only the money they can make, but that is not always true. There are many people who are not motivated by the money, but who are willing to sacrifice to help this community.


That Even Unbelievers May Acknowledge...

One of the things that really touched me (Djephson) during this project was how motivated everyone working in it was. I especially noticed the ladies who were working in the clean-up. They usually arrived early and would sometimes stay later to finish up a section that they were working on. Most of them are not Christians. But, they often made comments like, "Wow, look how God has provided for us at this difficult moment! If it wasn't for God, what would we do?"


It was also encouraging to see the development in Djephson himself. One evening as I (Krischelle) was walking home, I noticed work was still going on around one of the water holes. I decided to pass by the work site, and found Djephson standing observing the skid steer moving the dirt around.

As we talked, I discovered that Djephson was training two other young men in how to operate the skid steer.

"It's something I learned from the study in Joseph's life that we looked at in Chapel," he said. "Joseph didn't just inform Pharaoh of the looming problem; he also proposed a solution. We are always talking about the challenge of finding human resources in this area. So, I had this idea and proposed it to Met Manis. I want to contribute to finding a solution."

Can you begin to see how interconnected the various aspects of Lemuel's ministry in this community are? When you contribute to one aspect, it has ripple affects in other areas. For example, when you donate to a water hole, it doesn't just dig a water hole, as important as that is by itself. It opens doors, facilitates, encourages, and provides a context for the other aspects of Lemuel's ministry, including opportunities to invest in someone's personal and spiritual development.

We trust that can encourage you!


Please pray for rain and full water holes!

The water holes are pretty much empty, and the community continues to suffer under a severe drought and scorching heat. It has been more than usually humid, and there have been thunderstorms around us. Anse-Rouge received quite a bit of rain the other day, but it has not rained significantly on the Plateau yet. We continue to ask God for the rain, while yet praying that no matter what the circumstances, we can stand firm in our faith and glorify Him.


Check out the video below! You will see one of our ealier water holes in the foreground, where people are gathering up some of the last of the water. Next, you will see the skid steer working in the newest water hole (the large backhoe had already gone). Finally, you will see the ladies who received jobs cleaning out the underbrush and thorns.


This is not the end...

In terms of community development and water solutions, digging water holes is currently one of our highest priorities. As such, it is an ongoing project. Whenever we have funds available, we dig. If you would like to contribute to this aspect of Lemuel's ministry, you can send a donation designated for "Lemuel Water Holes."

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