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Speak Up: Thank you for Praying! (26 Aug 2022)

Now that our internet connection is back up, there is some catching up to do here on the blog. For those of you who receive e-mail notifications about our posts, please bear with me for a few posts with old information.

Update from 26 August 2022

On the left hand side is the newest water hole with its "maiden fill." In the background to the right, you can see one of our other water holes, which is full to the brim! (Another picture below.)

Praise the Lord with us!

In our last e-mail, we asked you to pray for rain and water in the water holes...

Yesterday morning between 2 and 3 AM, we got a really nice rain shower. What a refreshing blessing for both people and trees!

Even more, it rained in the mountains, and 3 out of 5 water holes were filled to their current capacity! This is the water hole by Regilien's house, if you know where that is. :) It serves as a principal source of water for our community and beyond.

The water holes had been drying out for a few weeks, and the already excruciating drought conditions were becoming increasingly critical. We could do nothing but say, "Lord, we have done all we can with what You have given. We leave the rest in Your hands. We will trust You no matter what." What a relief and joy when that water came!

Out of praising hearts, please continue to pray for rain and water.

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