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The past few weeks...

We have been a little quieter on social media these days. Here are some pictures to catch you up on some news from the past month or so....

The youngest class of kindergartners prays before their snack time.

The school held a recreational activity that included a match between the teachers (black and white) and the middle-school students (blue and white).

First grade teacher Erna took her students around campus one day to identify some flowers they were studying in class.

They also learned a bit about a new flower: bougainvillea. The bougainvillea were looking amazing in January. This particular one has climbed all the way to the top of a neem tree.

In the first part of January, there was still a good bit of water in the water holes, and we were able to keep trees and plants watered. Unfortunately, as the drought conditions grew more severe and the water holes dried up, we had to prioritize the water usage and stop watering vegetation.

This picture was taken on January 4th. The water hole is completely dry now.

The situation has been very hard on everyone, including livestock, for whom there is not enough food.

Dave Muchmore came to visit us in January. He spent his time helping with various projects and encouraging staff and community members. Here, he drew a crowd of little spectators around his motorized airplane that actually flies.

The Development Department held a training seminar for their staff. They also invited other members of Lemuel's staff and other leaders from the community.

Judy shared about the Vision, Mission and Core Values of Lemuel and how the Development Department's vision falls under them.

Mr. Irelus (peach colored shirt)--a business owner from Gonavies--shared practical insights for administration and leadership from his experience running a successful business within the challenges in Haiti.

We even played the Limbo to give everyone a brief mental break!

Both the Boys' and the Girls' Fòmasyon continue to function every Saturday.

The heart behind these activities is to give kids and youth the opportunity to learn practical skills and to hear God's Truth for their give them space and opportunity to develop on multiple levels.

This video is exciting, because it is two of the boys from the Fòmasyon classes who are playing the keyboard and drums! (It is very difficult to hear the keyboard, because it is not connected to the sound system...but he did very well!)

I don't have any new pictures of the girls themselves, but many of us are the recipients of their gifts of macrame work!

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