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The Women’s Center with Dadithe by SuAnne Vannatter

This morning I was blessed to watch Dadithe in action as she teaches local women how to sew that they might one day be able to sell their products to hopefully offer additional finances for their family. Not to mention they are gaining a wonderful skill or perfecting what they already know. Class began at its current location at the old Tes & Fils building (for those of you who have been here before).

They began by singing a hymn which I was only able to sing along by reading the song book as Creole is very easy to read even though I wasn’t sure of what exactly what I was singing!

After singing they began to memorize one of the Psalm’s of David and next Dadithe read from the scriptures and taught a beautiful lesson as the women continued to stand and listen.

Following there was a time of discussion and the devotion time ended in a time of prayer by everyone.

Next the sewing began; today everyone was working on completing skirts and tops they were making. They are beginning with doll clothes to learn the process and next will progress to similar patterns in adult sizes.

Meet Daina, the doll who gets to try on all the new clothes they are making for her. Unfortunately for Daina, I requested to purchase a skirt or outfit from each of the students. Each student offered me to look at what they have made and I chose which I would be purchasing. For some they wanted to put on finishing touches of clasps or a belt and wanted to iron them as Dadithe and the students clearly have a high standard for quality and a pride in what they have created for others to enjoy.

Ironing in Haitian heat is interesting; not to mention the iron is not electric meaning it is filled with hot coals.

At this point they have 7 or more electric sewing machines but are unable to utilize them yet. Dadithe and one of the students used the sewing machine that did NOT require electricity and it worked wonderfully along with a little foot and ankle action. Majority of the doll clothes I will be purchasing today have been sewn by hand which is a wonderful skill that so many women from even the states have lost.

One highlight for me was to see and know that women with little ones are allowed to just bring them to class if needed. Today I met two year old Abigail and after a few minutes she allowed me to hold her, read to her from Dadithe’s Bible and then she peacefully drifted off to sleep allowing her momma uninterrupted time to sew.

I am so proud of Dadithe, for her love of God and her desire to teach other the skills she has been taught. I am grateful to be able to support the Women’s Center, including each of these beautiful young women, and will be hoping and praying with them that they will be able to soon move to their new location which will offer more space and flexibility to expand the options for what the center can offer. God’s blessing on little Abigail, her mother and the others who are striving to live life here on the Plateau.

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