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We're making a movie!

Lemuel Ministries is partnering with filmmaker Nate Sheppard to produce a feature length documentary about the ministry! See the teaser trailer below:

Nate visited us this past May specifically to collect many more hours of footage, as well as additional photos. He has lots and lots of material! But, the documentary is far from finished. It will take hundreds of hours of work to compile and edit it into a feature length documentary.

(Did you know?)

One day, our community wants to officially change the name of their neighborhood from Grand Diable (Big Devil) to Cité Lemuel (Lemuel City). The Hebrew name "Lemuel"--which comes from Proverbs 31--is translated "belonging to God." So, Big Devil literally becomes the City Belonging to God, or the City of God. Only God could plan out such a detail across years and "random" events!

Yes, things are hard right now. Haiti is confronting a serious crisis on multiple levels, which raises urgent, immediate needs. We don't know what even tomorrow will look like, what impending crises we may confront, or when this will end.

Yet, this project is about a bigger picture, a long term vision, a hope for the future. It is about what God can do and is doing despite the odds. We can't forget that.

"I’m not so much interested in chronicling every aspect of what [Lemuel does], but to showcase how they do things in hopes that it will inspire others to invest in their communities with that same spirit of transformation." ~Nate Sheppard

In order to cover the costs of this project, Nate has set up a Kickstarter fundraiser. It will launch on Tuesday, October 15th.

Apart from contributing to the film costs, we can all help promote the project by visiting the Kickstarter page once it launches and by spreading the word about it to others.

In the coming days, we will be posting about the project on social media and sending out spotlight e-mails. Would you consider sharing our posts, forwarding the e-mails, and spreading the news by word of mouth with others who might be interested?

For more pre-launch information and to sign up to be a part of the launch team, please visit

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