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2015-2016 Class Photos and Teacher Intros!

The Kindergarten

Taking pictures of the kindergarten classes is always…well, a fun challenge.  For Kindergarten 1, you can pretty much just forget about trying to get all the kids to look and smile at the same time.

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 Teacher: Marquise Merissé

Marquise was one of Lemuel’s kids when Lemuel was working in Port-au-Prince.  Now she is married and has a son (in Kindergarten 2).   This is her first year teaching on the Plateau.

Kindergarten Assistant: Nadege Louisjuste

With so many little ones, it helps to have an extra pair of hands!  Nadege returns for her second year as the assistant to all the kindergarten classes.

Kindergarten 2

The challenge with Kindergarten 2 was getting them all to fit in the photograph area!  (…and then to look and smile at the same time.)

Kindergarten 2 Teacher: Génièse Pierre

We are happy to have Génièse back for her second year of teaching in Lemuel’s kindergarten.  Génièse is from the nearby area of Sources Chaudes.  This year, she has made the move from Kindergarten 1 to Kindergarten 2 with her students from last year.

Kindergarten 3


Kindergarten 3 Teacher: Marie-Thérèse Césaire

Marie-Thérèse is from Port-au-Prince, and this is her first year teaching on the Plateau.  She likes to watch the kids play, laugh, and get into mischief!

The Primary School

First Grade

First Grade Teacher: Rachelle Joseph

Like Marquise, Rachelle may be a new face to some of you, but she is well-known to us.  Rachelle was also part of Lemuel’s ministry when it was in Port-au-Prince.  Although she has made many visits to the Plateau in past years, this is her first time teaching in the school.  (And she just was named “Teacher of the Month” for September!)

Second Grade

Second Grade Teacher: Kenol Junior Aristilde

Kenol is from Port-au-Prince, and this is his first year teaching on the Plateau.  He decided to get into teaching so that he could be part of the solution to some of the flaws in the Haitian school system.

Third Grade

Third Grade Teacher: Simon Titus

This is Simon’s second year with us.  He is lives in the nearby town of Anse-Rouge, although he is originally from an area southwest of Port-au-Prince.  One thing he likes about teaching is that not only do you share knowledge with the kids, but sometimes they teach you something too!

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Teacher: Fleurima Moïse

Fleurima is also originally from an area in Haiti’s southern peninsula, although he moved to Port-au-Prince for his schooling.  This is his first year teaching on the Plateau.  His favorite subject to teach is Social Studies.

Fifth Grade

The fifth grade class was also a challenge to fit into the photo space.  I had to stand up on a bench and lean just the right way to get all of their faces!

Fifth Grade Teacher: Ronyl Joseph

This is Ronyl’s second year teaching with us.  He is married and has a little boy.  His family lives in Gonaives, where he visits them on the weekends….and also attends law school!

Sixth Grade

Last, but not least–and the easiest to photograph.  They nailed it on the first shot.

Sixth Grade Teacher: Wilnique Metayer

Wilnique is the old veteran of the teachers–this is his fourth year with us!  He is from Anse-Rouge.  Like Ronyl, he also studies law in Gonaives on the weekends.

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