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It has been way too long since I last updated the blog!

Here is a bit of what is going on these days:

The School Foundation!

I can hardly believe it! The school that we have hoped and planned to build for so long is finally under way! Through the generosity of one man, the cost of the foundation and underground cisterns has been covered and work has begun! Last week the men dug the foundation. Then on Sunday we had the heaviest rain I have ever seen here. For a little over half an hour it poured. And when I say poured I mean seriously POURED. Everyone is so excited about the rain, though it dig do some damage to the foundation that had just been dug. At least the foundation collected water that can be used to mix the cement! Construction of the foundation will probably start on Monday.

The Dunk Family

Bruce and Cathy Dunk and their children, Russell and Athena, are here for a month. Bruce has already fixed a bunch of things (including the diesel generator- yay!), laid out the foundation for the school building, and is working on the gable ends of the church and the drop ceiling in the offices. Needless to say he has been busy! Cathy has helped out with various projects including cleaning out and sorting everything in the big steel container/depot. She and Russell are also teaching English to some children in the area each morning. Athena has been getting to know a lot of the young people around here and has been busy visiting families, talking with new friends and playing soccer. The main reason they are here, however, is to see if it would work for them to come long term. Please be in prayer for the Dunk family as they decide where God is leading them for the next 10-15 years.

Roofing Team

Three of the guys who came back in January to put roofs on three houses are coming back next week to do the remaining three houses. We are so excited to have them back again! David and Ginger Muchmore will also be coming to help out with various projects.

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