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I realize it has been a few days since I posted an update… my apologies! I guess I was just too overwhelmed with everything to try to write it all down.

On Monday Indy (our school director) and Petion (Manis’ brother) returned from Port-au-Prince. They had gone to take in some supplies and to check on family and our Lemuel kids. With them they brought cameras that we had sent with them, full of images from Port-au-Prince. I don’t think I am even going to post them here. I am sure you have seen a lot on the news and some of them I wish I could erase from my own mind. That evening a trailer from Bruce Robinson arrived with all kinds of supplies for Bolosse. The men transferred everything over to our dump truck (no easy task!!!) and got it ready to leave

Tuesday Indy headed back in to Port-au-Prince with the dump trunk since the driver didn’t know how to get to Bolosse Campus.

On the way back on Wednesday the dump truck broke down. It is now on the property of a mission that we work with (CAM). We are trying to figure out a way to get it fixed and back here. We would appreciate your prayers as it is really needed.

Below is the most recent update from Cindy McMartin on Bolosse campus…


This morning began with the 6.0 quake. There were at least 2 houses that fell down in the neighborhood around us. It was kind of discouraging because we thought maybe there wouldn’t be anymore big ones. Thank you for messages from you with encouragement from God’s Word. You continue to minister to us with your messages of love, prayers, and the Word.

This morning we had a medical group with another mission who was already in country arrive up here to give a hand. They spent all day up here seeing patients. It was so encouraging to have them here and to see people receiving some medical care. They are returning tomorrow.

A dump truck from our missionary family (Dilus/Robinson) in NW Haiti also arrived last evening. It was loaded with tools/equipment (jack hammer, bolt cutter, generator, wheel barrows, etc). Judy also sent in clothing and sacks of rice and gunny sacks full of plantains. Judy even had the driver get us some peanut butter in one of the cities they passed through on their way in – peanut butter and bread have become a major staple for us – it’s quick and seems to stick to our ribs.

The men who have been working so hard here on campus were running out of energy. Because we had received the food supplies, I had Eliette come and she cooked up some large pans of rice and plantains. All the workers and guards here on campus were able to receive some nourishment today.

Monday, the men went into the Seminary building to retrieve computers, files, and valuables in professors’ and administrator’s offices. Bruce climbed in a hole above his door – sure glad he told me that after he finished – and had a ladder inside so used that to climb back out. He got his laptop, office computer, monitor, printer, files, and a personalized desk calendar with pictures of our 2 grandsons that he’d gotten for Christmas – worth risking your life for, right?! Tuesday he helped the UEBH get into their offices to help retrieve things. After coming out of the finance office door that had been shut, it would not shut again – so he realized things were still shifting. He will not be going back in until we have some expertise help.

We had our kids clubs again today. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do mine because it had been such a busy day (and I didn’t eat lunch until 6 pm), but God gave strength and also a young Haitian lady who worked with me. She had such energy and enthusiasm and really got the kids involved. Yesterday I had been so surprised to see how little my group (5-7 year-olds) knew of Bible stories or even the simple choruses I was singing with them. Today I reviewed the Bible story with them and sang the same songs and it was great to see how much they had retained – one girl was even able to recite the Bible verse. After today, I think they all know the story, verse and songs. It was a good time with these dear kids.

So, it’s been a full day. God is answering your prayers and giving us health and strength and providing for our needs. Several Haitian friends (ladies) have brought us buckets of water these past few days. We are tired, and it’s not enjoyable living like this, but God has a plan and we continue on as He gives strength and direction. Please keep praying.

Must go to bed. Our love to each one of you,

Cindy for Bruce too

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