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Hi everyone,

I am sorry I haven’t updated in a while. We have been trying to contact relief organizations to tell them about what is going on at Bolosse. Yesterday our friend Lara in California was able to get a few on the phone and we wrote to any we could think of. We gave them all the address and GPS coordinates. Today I heard from Bolosse that a lot of helicopters were flying overhead so I pray that they were scouting them out and will get to them soon. Today Lara was also able to talk to the woman in charge of World Vision’s efforts in Haiti right now. It was a miracle she got through… just as the woman was walking into a meeting to decide their next steps! Her phone hadn’t been working at all and then it rang and it was Lara.

We are praying that help will get there soon.

Thank you all for your prayer support. Please pray specifically for strength and energy. I am beginning to feel the effects of the stress, lack of sleep, and days in front of the computer. I cannot imagine how it must be for those in Port. I know they are getting weary and the adrenaline is wearing off and reality is setting in. This is FAR from over and we will be dealing with the effects for a long long time. We need wisdom and perspective.

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