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Wow, I can’t believe how fast a month can go by! It has been that long since I last posted!

I wanted to share an exciting thing that happened last night. About 2 weeks ago Manis decided to change the 4am Saturday prayer meetings to Friday night, and instead of doing it in the church to encourage people to have meetings in their homes and invite others. Last night was amazing. As we sat outside we could hear singing and prayer all around us. At least 6 homes that we know of had meetings, with some families joining together. Manis was overwhelmed to see the area he knew as a kid to only have voodoo ceremonies, now echoing with praise and prayer to God.

Please continue to pray for rain. Though we had one or two good ones in September and October the area is very very dry. The biggest problem is that is has not even rained in the mountains. When it does, water comes down in the ravines and waters the gardens. But there has been nothing at all. Gardens are basically dried up and the people cannot find food for their livestock. If we don’t get water or rain soon there is going to be widespread famine in the coming months.

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