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A brief word about water…

Once more, the drought is reaching a crisis point.  The water table has fallen so low, that we can no longer pump the vital water from our well.

The men here are conducting some repairs. They discovered, however, that the water level is too low to pump anyway.

In addition, our water trucks are having serious mechanical problems, due as usual to the terrible road conditions that jostle their parts to pieces.  The level of salt/dissolved solids in our water also plays a part in the rapid deterioration of the metal.

A few weeks ago, rain poured on the mountains, and sent water rushing down the ravines into our water holes.  What a welcome reprieve!  But, the water level is already down almost to mud.

These water holes are often a lifesaver for our community and the livestock that are so important to their livelihood.  Other options for water continue to be limited, complicated, and expensive.  We are still working on them.  But in the meantime, we plan to dig more water holes!  The community is motivated to begin.

When you turn on your faucet, would you also say a prayer for rain on the Plateau?

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