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A Visit from Extreme Response

Last week, we were delighted to host some visitors from Extreme Response. For any of you who may not be familiar with ER, they partner with us in the States and Canada, executing operations in ways in which we are not able, such as receiving and receipting of donations and managing important details related to supported staff from overseas. You can visit their website here:

On Monday, they arrived with our friends Jenny and Djordjy from the House of Hope for a bit of a whirlwind tour to visit their partnering organizations in Haiti.

From left: Dan, Mike, Jenny, Djordjy, and Paul (Not pictured: Tim. He was the photographer.)

We enjoyed a day and a half of sharing together. On Tuesday, they were able to hear Manis speak from his heart about the history behind Lemuel and the vision that God has given him for this community. Later, we took them on a tour of the area.

After seeing the school in the morning, they returned during the kids’ lunch hour to mingle a bit.

The children were thoroughly entertained as they lined up to get their food.

The men offered their services to help wash hands…

…and apparently were required to wash their’s too!

Tim was the photographer in all these photos. Thankfully, someone caught a great picture of him and Bendji (hamming it up as usual) during our tour of the community.

We are incredibly grateful for the partnership of ER. They carry a tremendous administrative load for us, and are so attentive in their concern for and service to us. Thank you, Extreme Response!

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