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And the Community Says…

This past Saturday, we held another community meeting to follow up on the Matthew recovery work that has been done.  We wanted to share what has been accomplished so far, as well as to hear what the community is thinking and how they would like to move forward.  It has been exciting to feel the energy and focus and support of our community in these meetings.  These assemblies also provide the opportunity to remind the people of Lemuel’s purpose in the community and of God’s active love for them, to exhort the leaders to unity and action, and to remind them all of their personal worth, responsibility, and ability to make a difference in their community.

Thus far…

  1. Roads have been repaired

  2. Canals have been re-dug (affecting over 200 families)

  3. Enock’s bakery was rebuilt

  4. Hundreds of families were supported and recovery work accomplished through Food/Cash-for-Work projects

  5. Water holes in multiple communities were expanded

  6. Thousands of trees were planted

  7. …and more!

When we opened up the floor, person after person came forward thanking Lemuel for assistance in various recovery projects. Some also shared needs that have not been able to be met yet. But, all continued to have a common theme…

When we asked the community what our focus should be in the upcoming months, the answer was a resounding,


And so we will.

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