Been a While… Blocks and a Party!

About a month ago our internet on the Plateau went down. A week ago I got here to the US with great plans to update the blog right away… then I got sick… again! Well, no more excuses! Here we go…

One of the most exciting recent developments is the BLOCK MACHINE!!! We now have a motorized block maker that can make blocks much faster and much higher quality than the old way.

The “old way” with one form and one shovel… pounding the cement into the form.

On May 22 we were finally able to crank her up! We had a trainer from the company that makes the machine come out and teach our guys.

Before they could start we had to get a group of ladies to wash the sand! It had too much dirt in it so they had to pass loads from one wheelbarrow to the next to get it “clean” enough to use.

It was great to be able to give these ladies work, even if just for a few days

(they now get “cleaner” sand from another place).

Another group of guys had to sift the sand and limestone to get the bigger rocks out of it.

The sand and limestone is then mixed with the cement powder and a little water.

Then… since I am now in the land of super-fast internet I can SHOW you the machine at work!

This is a video of the first blocks being made.

Isn’t that amazing!

They’ve made thousands of blocks and already have people wanting to buy them!

In other news…

…the girls in the Young Girls’ Group put on a special presentation for their moms for Mother’s Day.

Let me back up a bit though because I am not sure I have told you about the girls’ group. Back in November I started working with 8 girls between the ages of 13 and 16.

The girls back in November with their binders and the first cookies they learned to make.

Every Saturday we met for two hours. The first hour is Bible Study.

Part of an activity from one of the Bible studies where they learned that we cannot simply “tie” the fruit of the Spirit onto our lives… just like you can’t tie fruit onto a tree. The fruit of the Spirit must stem from His work in our lives, not our efforts to “look Christian.”

During the second hour they learn to do or make something. Some of they things they learned this year are how to make cookies, bread, and meat filling, how to set a table, and how to cross-stitch. They each cross-stitched a lady holding a basket on her head.

Making and decorating cookies for the Christmas Program. They gave out plates of cookies to eight lucky winners who found a paper taped under their seat!

Making my favorite cookies!