Cafeteria Roof: Going Up!

We’re moving one step closer to getting our hospitality staff out of the open-air, thatch kitchen and into the cafeteria building.  God provided through a generous donation, and this week, the roof is going up on the cafeteria!  The hospitality staff has been praying for this.

Calculations? Check.

Tools? Check.

Wood? Check.


Samuel and a couple of the guys have been doing prep work since last week–cutting and planing the wooden beams, putting the finishing touches on the bond beam, etc.

Cutting beams

New Image

Now they can start raising the roof frame.



As more and more wood went up, more and more men had to be recruited to support it from underneath while it was being affixed into place!

Going up

roof beams

As we have pointed out before, Lemuel’s work, projects and activities serve as the catalyst for relationships and investing in the lives of people.

Here is a flashback to a couple of years ago.  The roof for the administrative office was the first roof that Samuel constructed on the Plateau. It was also the roof on which he instructed Gulbert.

office roof training

Now today, over 4 years later , Gulbert has become an invaluable member and leader on roofing crews.   Here he is, working on the cafeteria roof…


gulbert on ladder


Another roof on which Gulbert assisted Samuel was the roof for the Samuel’s Trees cistern.  The third member of that construction crew was Robenson.