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Catching up after Matthew

We’ve been a little sparse on the sponsorship blog lately, but we will be back with new posts as soon as we can!

Hurricane Matthew kind of threw everyone for a loop.  In fact, due to the high amounts of rain and the flooding, the kids lost two weeks of school.  Rain can easily cause school cancellations around here.  For one thing, some kids can’t even get to school if water comes down through the ravines and cuts them off.  For another, things are not paved and buildings are very spread out, so everyone would be all wet and muddy by the time they got to class….and we’ve got some serious mud around here! Plus, due to the tin roofs, if it is raining significantly, you can’t hear anything!

Of course, this rarely happens, because it so rarely rains….most of the time, anyway.

Due to upcoming exams and the need to hold to the government mandated curriculum schedule, the school administration proactively put together a plan to make up for lost time.  For the next two weeks, they will add an extra hour to the day.  Classes will last until 3:00 PM instead of 2:00.  There will also be school on Saturday mornings from 8:00-12:00 for the next two Saturdays.

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