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Day by Day: Tues, Mar 5

I like learning the new recipes, like granola.” (Kesline, pictured above, young ladies’ group)

“My favorite recipe so far has been light rolls (bread)!” (Lovena, kid’s group)

“I learn many things that I didn’t know how to do before.” (Linda, women’s group)

This morning, all the girls from Josiane’s skills training groups got together with their group leaders for a work day.

They prepared land for planting trees by clearing away gravel. The gravel is also gathered together and sorted for construction projects.

We dream of this space covered in trees. I hope to provide an “after” picture someday.

The girls worked and laughed until noon, when they shared a meal together before going to their separate homes. (As you can see from the picture above, some of the local young boys joined in the fun as well!)

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