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Day by Day: Fri, Feb 22

“When I remember what the area was like several years ago, compared to what it has become today, it makes me want to work in development with all that I am.”

Olence is one of the young men on staff in our Development department. He is old enough to remember the days before Lemuel came to his community and young enough to look forward to something better for his future. His job with Lemuel empowers him to invest in his community and in that future with dignity and personal motivation. In these photos, he is planting trees, sorghum, and corn with other development staff members in Lemuel’s community garden.

“In my two years of working with Lemuel’s Development department, the thing that stands out the most to me is planting trees. I never gave it much importance before.”

Now, he does. Today, Indilien is planting key lime trees in Lemuel’s community garden. DDL (Lemuel Development Department) is making the most of the recent rain by planting lots of trees, including almond, key lime, neem, papaya, and others.

Even DDL Administrator Lenique took his shovel and went out to plant almond trees!

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