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Community New Year’s Food Baskets

Happy New Year 2016!!!

January 1st is a special day in Haiti.  Not only is it the first of the new year, but it is also Haiti’s independence day.  By God’s grace and the participation of so many of you, we were able to give our community special New Year’s food baskets this year to celebrate….well, technically they were sacks, not baskets.

It started on Tuesday as some of our staff began putting together all the sacks of provisions.

Among a few other things, the sacks included rice, beans, spaghetti, sugar, salted herring, and oil.

On Thursday morning, a representative from each family lined up to receive their food sack.  The list of names included not only the people from our own community, but several families from other communities adjacent to us.

Olence and Robenson kept the bags of rice moving forward.

We were thrilled to find small sacks of Haitian rice–as opposed to imported rice–that we could buy in bulk for the distribution, thereby supporting Haiti’s own rice farmers.  Double win!

Dadithe called each family by name…

…and the representative from that family came forward to receive their food sacks: one sack of rice, and another sack with the rest of the provisions.

Men and women, young and old were there to receive food for their families.  We were able to distribute sacks of provisions to over 150 families.

We had enough funds to put $50 Haitian dollars in an envelope for each family, so that they could spend it as they wished to celebrate…perhaps on coffee (sweet and syrupy, of course) and bread…perhaps on a pumpkin for traditional pumpkin soup!

Many thanks to everyone who prayed and who gave to make the community food sacks possible!

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