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Day by day: A glimpse into last week

A few of the girls and guys who are participating in the special fòmasyon during the COVID-19 pandemic learned to make icing and to decorate using some pastry tip techniques.

Apart from specialized pastry tip techniques, how many other basic/simple skills can you think of that one must learn/exercise in the cake decorating process? I can think of 7 right off the bat:

1. How to make icing

2. How to use a beaters (I'm pretty sure it is the first time the boys have ever touched one.)

3. How to use food coloring

4. Creativity/artistry

5. Elements of design (Is it centered? Is that arrangment of the elements pleasing to the eye? Is it neat?)

6. Hand/eye coordination

7. Principles of hygiene and sanitation for food preparation


Do some of those surprise you? But, it just goes to show how some knowledge that we take for granted or that seems so basic to us is not necessarily so for others. Activities like this are about more than just decorating cupcakes. They give new experience and new knowledge--even if its only little hints--that can actually be used in other domains. Also, it just plain and simple gives the opportunity to encourage these young people, build relationships with them, and plant seeds in their lives.


Mechanical problems are just a part of our life here.

Wenson and Rolmy spent a good bit of time investigating a problem the tractor has been having with its acceleration. They haven't figured it out yet.

I couldn't tell you how many pictures of vehicle parts are on my phont. A lot.

Here we are trying to get pictures to send to Lancaster about necessary parts for the water truck. This is a radiator and a rigged piece of tubing...I probably wouldn't know that unless I had to take a picture of it. :)

Our water trucks take such a beating on these roads, but they are a lifeline for us, especially right now when the drought is so severe. We have been looking for a radiator in country for months. Finally, we gave up and had to purchase one in the States to ship in on the next vehicle.


Food boxes (see the blog post here) are counted and lined up in preparation for pick-up by our staff who are temporarily laid off due to government restrictions and limited functioning.

Some of the boxes also went to support the nearby community of Ti Karenaj (who seem to be giving some ears of corn as a thank you gift!).

On the same trip, the truck also swung by Atilwi to purchase some sorghum stalks for livestock feed. The drought has become so bad, there is no food for animals in our area

Today (which is obviously not part of last week, but I'll include it here), the flatbed traveled north to give a gift of food boxes to two special ladies. One of them runs a hospital and takes care of many children in her own home (she is not pictured below, but they are unloading the food at her location).

The second runs a home for children receiving medical care from a hospital in La Pointe.

Both of these ladies have been so kind and gone out of their way to help us with different medical crises throught the years. We were so glad to be able to thank them and bless them in return.

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