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Day by Day: Fri, Mar 8

From cooks to teachers to artisans to cleaners to secretaries to tree planters (all pictured above): Bòn fèt to all the ladies on our staff who make things happen!

(Bòn fèt is a phrase for well wishing. It literally means, Happy Celebration!, and can be used on a birthday or on other holidays special to a specific person or group of people.)

Dadithe, Geniese, and Alouse keep the campus pretty and sparkling clean.

Esther welcomes everyone to the school with a smile.

The school cafeteria ladies work hard to keep the kids and school staff well fed.

…They have got great smiles too!

Josiane plants trees on the land that her father gave her.

Mme Gulbert, Adline, and Donise cook for the development staff, water the shadehouse plants, and keep the DDL campus clean and inviting.

Nadege is one of several ladies in the Kindergarten who passionately invest in the education of the next generation.

Josiane (R) keeps Krischelle’s head from flying off in the finance office, while Mme Celisa (L) makes delicious food for the administrative staff.

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