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Day by Day: Thurs, Mar 21

"Jan lòm mechan, se sèl Letènèl ki te ka mete sa sou kè yon moun pou fouye yon twou konsa pou dlo pou nou!" ~temwànyaj yon manm kominotè

"For as mean/evil as mankind is, only God could put it on someone's heart to dig a hole like this for water for us!" ~testimony of a community member

This man is not a Christian. Yet the water hole dug through Lemuel's initiative and temporary work programs caused him to see and acknowledge the love and power of God.

Water solutions continue to be a big challenge for us. We have done a water study. We have tried digging wells. We have tried this and that. So far, there is no geyser. But these community dug rainwater catchment holes have been literal lifesavers time and time again.

So, we are putting even more thought, resources, and energy into them. Dreams and plans are in the works! (...And they do include filtering.)

To learn more about the water situation, what has already been done, and what is in the works, click here to download the Water Solutions PDF.

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