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Day by Day: Tues, Mar 26

Bendjina is back to school! In October, this little first grader was crossing the road right in front of the school to go back to her home when she was hit by a motorcycle going high speed (see this post from our archives). Her leg was broken and her head was pretty banged up. The "Lemuel ambulance" (ie, the Ford Excursion) took her to the hospital in La Pointe (a good 5 hour-ish drive), where she was able to have surgery to set her bone. After a few months of recovery, she is back in class! 🧡

In an area like the Plateau, medical emergencies are overwhelming for families. Good medical care is inaccessible and unaffordable. The nearest hospital is 2-3 hours away, and it is not a sure go-to. Lemuel does not have a medical facility, but we assist families as we can in serious medical situations, whether through financial aid or transport.

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