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Day by Day: Wed, Feb 13

For us an empty isosceles triangle = no signal.

(If you saw this post on Instagram, you may have noticed I called it an “equilateral” triangle. Thankfully, I have nit-picky (just kidding!) teacher friends, one of whom kindly corrected my unfortunate geometrical misnomer.)

One of the daily realities we face is constant fighting with wireless signal, whether for our phones or for our internet. We have spent countless hours looking for signal, waiting for signal, trying to fix signal, or slogging through our work with slow signal. Sometimes it’s worse than others. Sometimes a simple post can take hours. Sometimes–like yesterday–signal goes out completely, and there’s nothing you can do but wait.

Can I be real? It is SO frustrating.

So, when you don’t hear from us, it just may be because we are sitting staring at a page that refuses to load.

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