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Dec 30 Food Distribution

Here are a few pictures from the food distribution that the Krul family made possible…

Jason Krul, an MAF pilot, his wife, son, and parents flew in on Dec 30.

Before beginning the distribution everyone gathered for a photo with the MAF plane.

We divided up large sacks of rice, flour, and soy/corn mix into bags. We also had oil in large buckets that we measured out into bottles the children brought.

The children all sat so quietly and patiently. After singing a few songs, Jason introduced himself and his family and explained that while many in Canada help make the distribution possible, it was really God’s provision. We then prayed and the distribution began!

This is Jason with Widlika, one of the children here on the Plateau.

The children went through the line and picked up their bags and oil. Some of the smaller children couldn’t carry it all and needed some help!

A big THANK YOU to the Krul family and to all those in Canada who gave so generously to make this happen!

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