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Emmanuel Team Update


Lorne helping with one of the many odd jobs that we have… putting the cd player out of reach in Ani’s room

The mechanical team making a tool to fix the 4-wheeler

Putting the trusses up on Naderge’s house

Trusses on Naderge’s house done, putting perlins up

A very interested audience watching the perlins go on


Prepping Wilda’s house

Completing the last truss for Wilda’s house

Working on Wilda’s house

The kids helping to pass needed materials from the dump truck to those on the roof.

Wilda’s family below and those who put on the roof above.


Singing “Amazing Grace” in church


Harold and our staff working on the dreaded black pick-up

Cutting steel for Naderge’s house

Starting to put the steel up on Naderge’s house


Cutting steel for gables

Naderge’s house covered… putting the gutters up

Putting the gutters up on Wilda’s house. The little boy helping is Jeffson, her son.

Josh showing the kids pictures on his camera

Prepping Marenn’s (the 3rd) house!

Wednesday Morning:

Wilda’s house with roof and gutters!

Naderge’s house with roof and gutters!

Unloading steel for Marenn’s house

Working on Marenn’s roof

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