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Fòmasyon 2: Spiritual training with our leaders

After wrapping up teacher training, we spent another week in August focused on the spiritual formation of our leaders. (Hey! Did you catch that? That may be one instance where we actually could translate fòmasyon almost exactly into the English!)

As with the teacher training, these sessions continued in a pattern that we began to establish last year. Judy's dad returned to the Plateau to lead these very vital times of study and prayer with our leaders.

Our aim is to invest in their Biblical understanding and their spiritual growth and development.

But, that is not the end in and of itself. They are then to take what they have learned and use it to teach others within their staff or sphere of influence. That is what they are discussing in the photos below:

Not only are two of these girls teachers in the school, but the four of them banded together of their own accord to reach other young women and girls in the area. (Did you see the exciting blog post from last year?!)

The school administration and Ronyl (in the cafeteria) will seek ways they can invest spiritually in their staff, as well as in the kids in the school. (Esther will be teaching Bible to the primary grades.)

The DDL administration has a unique situation in that most of their employees are not even professed believers in Christ. They cannot invest in the spiritual development of their staff in quite the same way as most of our other leaders. Williamso and Kerby (along with Frè D, who also works at DDL) must find creative ways to meet their staff where they are. They also seek to reach out to young men and boys from the area with the love and message of Jesus. (See the next post!) Dadithe works in the support office, where she invests in the ladies who keep the campus sparkling clean and organized.

Each of these leaders has influence and the potential to impact many others. This week of fòmasyon is probably one of the most important activities that we do during the entire year.

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