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First day of school!

School opened on Tuesday, September 8.

At 7:30, the teachers began lining all the students up for the first flag-raising of the year.

The new school director, Mèt Almaïs, started the day with a devotion.

And then the flag was raised as the kids sang the national anthem.  (In Haiti, there are typically many students absent or late on the first day….that’s why the numbers look rather sparse.)

After the flag was up, the students were welcomed to their new classroom by their teacher.

And voila! classes were underway….while Robenson finished a few last minute decorative touches.

As usual, the kindergarten kicked it off with dancing and singing.

This is always helpful for those who are not so sure about this new experience called “school.”

But they soon grow to love it.  Do you recognize the little girl in the center of this picture?

She was the one with the desolate, bored expression on the first day of school last year.

First day of school 2014, Kindergarten 1 (photo from last year’s blog post)

Now she is singing and clapping along with the rest.

First day of school, Kindergarten 2

Mlle. Rachelle is giving Grade 1 their first experience in primary school.

Mèt Kenold greets the second-graders…

…while Mèt Simon does the same in third grade.

Mèt Fleurima gets started in fourth grade.

Mèt Ronyl had an emergency come up on the first day of school, so Mèt Almaïs stepped in to cover his class.

And last but not least, Mèt Wilnique gets to know his sixth grade class for this year.

Meanwhile, Mme. Patricia and Mlle. Josiane keep things running smoothly in the school office.

You may have noticed a few new names and faces.  Coming soon we will have class pictures and introductions to the school staff.  Stay tuned!

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