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Food Baskets and New Years Eve

On Friday the Church Committee and some other helpers got together to put the food baskets together.

After measuring out rice, sugar, juice, spaghetti, oil, and tomato paste and milk…

…the dried herring was placed in bags…

…bouillon cubes were counted and added…

… and flour was measured out.

Inside the food baskets: Rice, Flour (not pictured here), Sugar, Spaghetti, Tomato paste, Oil, Bouillon cubes, Juice, and Milk

The New Years Eve service went well. A lot of people from the community that we rarely see were there. Please pray that God will use the things they heard last night to effect change in their lives and to cause them to seek Him. At the end of the program they announced the names of the families that were to come this morning for the food baskets.

114 food baskets were distributed this morning! The Church Committee distributed them by family. Through the many generous gifts we received we were able to provide not only the families in our community with this gift but also many families in our two neighboring communities.

Some ladies leaving with their food baskets while others wait in line.

Carrying their baskets home.

Although we do not usually like to give out food, we, along with the Church Committee, decided that for Christmas/New Years it would be an appropriate way of sharing Christ’s love and reminding people of the Gift God gave us in this season. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to make this possible. A portion of the remaining funds will be given to the church to help families that are in particularly difficult situations. The remainder will go toward the Food-for-Work program.

May God bless you and give a very Happy New Year!

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