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Forest Baptist Church is Here!

On Wednesday, we were pleased to receive some of the men from Forest Baptist Church! They will be continuing the work on the Lemuel house, getting it ready for Bonita to move in.

Electrician Brian and his son, Sean, spent Wednesday to Sunday with us on the Plateau re-wiring the Lemuel house. It is lovely to have all the wiring, outlets, and switches inside the walls now!

Loring, who is spending the whole two weeks with us, has been pretty much everywhere, accomplishing all those important and nagging odd jobs. He started off by fixing the generator! In fact, he not only fixed ours, but the Bakers’ as well.

Don’t ask me what that is or what its for….

On Sunday, Brian, Sean and Loring drove to Atrel for Sunday service with the Bakers. Loring had a good (ahem ahem?) experience driving on the leaves-much-to-be-desired roads with Lucson as his guide. He returned the same afternoon with two new faces. Brian and Sean remained in Atrel to do some work for the Bakers, and Simeon and Mitchell came in their place.

They have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into whatever they have been given, beginning by cleaning out the water cistern on the Lemuel house–no easy job considering it involves hauling up bucket after bucket of water on a rope.

In addition, they have been a big help with putting up hardware and painting at Manis and Judy’s house.

In the meantime, Gulbert and his men have been hard at work with hammers of all sizes taking out the bathroom tile, smashing out the kitchen wall, and shattering the cement floor to get ready for ceramic tiles.

Recognize it?

So what happened to the kitchen and dining room? Well, naturally, they moved into the gazebo!

In fact, we like our little outdoor arrangement so much, we joke about keeping it permanent! I’m not sure how Lucson would feel about that though; he’s had to spend some nights in the gazebo to keep the dogs away!

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