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Foto Friday

This is an aerial shot taken by an MAF pilot.  It was taken last Friday afternoon–the day after an unbelievable raging mass of water came down through the ravine.  In the upper center of the photo, you can see Lemuel’s garden land–it looks like a rectangular plot with a lighter outline (that’s a small road around the perimeter).   What looks like one long mud slick running out from the bottom right corner of the Lemuel garden land is the road to Anse-Rouge.  The river in the middle of the photo is usually a dry ravine bed.  When the bulk of the water came through, the ravine overflowed its banks and went rushing down the road to slam into Anse-Rouge…the water was so high, it not only covered the three rivulets on the right side of the picture, but would have in fact gone clean beyond the right edge of the photo!

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