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God our Creator…

Walking out of the yard to meet Jinel, I heard a call from Manis’s office. Stepping inside I saw Krischelle, Almais and Manis sitting around the table. Manis grabbed my hand and with a smile said GO SHARE THE GOSPEL! They prayed and sent me out.

Arriving at the work site today, the 23 workers were split into two groups. The first group were taking a water break. I asked them the question, “Who created these thorns?” They all seemed to know it was God who created these thorns. I then asked, “Why?” Some just laughed, while others just said, “We don’t know.”

I looked down at the pile of thorns sitting at my feet. I said, “At the beginning God created everything for his glory. HE said that everything he created was good and that man was his greatest creation. Then Adam sinned, and what happened?” One man looked up and said, “This is what happened! We had to work, and women would have a lot of pain in child labour.”  “So God’s creation was no longer good”, I said. “SIN messed everything up and we no longer can be good enough for God because of sin.”

Several stared at me, while others went back to their work.

What conversation will tomorrow bring? Will you pray that these families will see God in a new way? That the lies that Satan has been telling them will be EXPOSED!

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