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Guest Blog: An Outside Perspective

Guest blogs provide a great way to see Lemuel in a fresh way–from a perspective other than that of those of us who live in the thick of the work every day.  The following was written by Judy’s father, Dave, after a recent visit to the Plateau:

Just a few weeks ago I received a call from Judy that started with “Daaaaaad?”  I knew I was in trouble. . . haha!!  There’s no negotiating the “papa-do” projects from a papa’s daughter!!

Manis had found very much needed parts for the 4Runner in Lancaster from a fellow that was piecing out his Toyota.  The cost was a small fraction of what it would be from the dealer there in Haiti – if they could even get them– so it was worth it to pay my way down to deliver the parts!  So, I had an unexpected, but very appreciated opportunity to see everyone – including Ani!

Every time I come down to Haiti, my spirit is reproached.  We so often thank God for all the “stuff” he does for us – the believers on the Plateau often are thanking God simply for who he IS.  They prove his faithfulness every day in the midst of circumstances that we can’t even imagine.

So Lemuel is a disciple-making development organization.  What does that look like in practice?  Well, it’s not about Lemuel and the development of Lemuel as an organization.  It’s about how to help the community develop.  I was impressed again with all the creative ways that Manis and his team find to create jobs and a fledgling economy for an otherwise destitute area!!  Even a portion of the Christmas baskets for needy families will help those who have food to sell to go into the baskets!!  Several expat guests came through while I was there.  Their hospitality charges go right back out into the community – to help provide a livelihood for the people of the Plateau.

Progress on the Plateau is obvious — but slow. It is not a quick “return on investment.”  But all of it is developing a new generation of adults who will have spiritual and material advantages that their parents didn’t even know they were missing!!

Would you consider sponsoring a class in the primary school?  I know this is a desperate, but perhaps not so exciting kind of need.  Yet, without this kind of long term perspective, it is very hard to run a school with qualified teachers who need a livelihood from month to month.  OK, so Manis and Judy did not put me up to write this – but who has a better right to speak on their behalf?!!

~Posted by Dave

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