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Guest Blogger: Russ Finkbeiner

The time went so quickly that Russ and Josh actually escaped before they wrote a post on the blog. Not to be deterred, however, I made them promise to send me their posts when they got home 🙂 Here is Russ’…

Wow! Where do I start with this most recent visit to Lemuel? Each time I visit, it is hard to believe how much has changed in so little time. God’s hand is very visible in the development that is occurring on the Plateau.

I would like to say thanks to Manis, Judy and Krischelle and also to the Lemuel house staff for making me feel at home and comfortable. I heard that the phrase “If you wantit, we don’t have it” might be more prevalent in the near future. That may be the case, but they do have everything you may need.

With the progress on the school moving forward, it was good to get some ground work put together so that when the material arrives, the guys there can use their skills to finish the roof. I just hope Sam can figure out my Canadian construction methods. Sorry Sam, everything is in feet and inches.

Also, a heartfelt thanks to Thony, Lucson, Obed and Tiga for proving the point that I can’t play basketball. Even though I think my team only won 1 game out of who knows how many, I don’t think it was the score that really counted. It is those type of memories that make these visits memorable. Also again to Thony, the daily Kreole lessons paid off in Miami when we were able to let our server know that her flirting comments with Josh did not go unnoticed. Who knew the ladies could turn so red?

I would also recommend that if you are ever in the area, to make it to the Samdi Speciale over at the shop. The food and entertainment is awesome. Way to go Wiliamso and friends!!

I can hardly wait for the next visit. Again, merci beaucoup. Na we pi ta!


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