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Happy Day!

On Friday morning, everyone but Rick and I (Kelly) left. Before they flew out, they were able to go over to the school with the kids. All the kids and the teachers were so excited for the roof on the school! We were able to get a picture of all the students, the teachers, most of the roofing team, and most of the Lemuel staff that we could find!

So many smiling faces!

From left Alan, Steven, Ian, Bert, Rick, Marcus, Russ, and Mark

(Luke and Aaron were already gone when we took this picture)

It was a crazy day with two different flights coming in and out of Lemuel! On the first flight, Jane, Krichelle’s mom, came to Lemuel for the first time! She will be staying here until Friday. It was quite the day and with all that was going on, I wasn’t able to post pictures until now.

Today was the first day that they used the school for their classrooms. It was a blessing because we got a few sprinkles of rain and this time the kids didn’t have to go running into the church to stay dry! I went to the school right a way this morning and got some pictures of the kids in and by their classrooms.

Grade 1 with their teacher

Grade 2 in front of their classroom

Grade 3 watching their teacher write on the chalkboard

Grade 4 listening to their teacher

Grade 5 sitting in their classroom

Grade 6 smiling for the camera

The kindergarten classes will still be held in the church until the next phase of the school is finished. Thank you again for all your prayers and support for the roof and for the ministry here at Lemuel!

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